Math model of a direct current motor for steering actuator of a liquid-propellant engine

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The paper presents the results of development of a math model for a direct current motor of a liquid-propellant engine steering actuator. In accordance with the electrical machine theory, the math model of the motor uses a single electromagnetic coefficient. It is shown that the motor math model accuracy can be improved through the use, instead of a single electromagnetic coefficient, of two different coefficients of the math model: electromagnetic velocity coupling coefficient and torque curve coefficient. Elaborated and proposed are methods for identifying parameters of a math model of a magnito-electric DC motor that has natural and artificial static characteristics, which include determining its experimental static characteristics, calculating the values of static characteristics parameters using the linear regression method and calculating the values of the electric motor math model parameters using the proposed formulas.


Direct current electric motor, math model, parameter identification method

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IDR: 143178169   |   DOI: 10.33950/spacetech-2308-7625-2021-4-93-99

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