Morphological parameters and morphological asymmetries of young water polo players

Автор: Kudryashova Y., Rovniy D., Medvedeva O., Mayakova O., Polovnikova M., Kudryashov E.

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Статья в выпуске: 3, 2018 года.

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The study of morphological parameters and asymmetry of young athletes allows to reveal individual and genetic features and abilities which will give the opportunity to reveal their potential. In this article the qualitative and quantitative analyses of anthropometric parameters with considerationof the leading limb among water polo athletes of Krasnodar region youth teamhave been presented. 11 water polo athletes participated in the examination: their age group - 13- 14 years old, the rank - 1st junior degree, the experience - 5 years, the stage of athletic preparation - practice.For comparing the control group have been formed involving 10 young athletes who do not do sports professionally and do not have any health problems. The analysis of morphological parameters showed that specialized training loads had led to the reliable (P


Young water polo athletes, leading limb, morphological parameters, morphological asymmetry

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