Obtaining the retainer for waterproofing road bitumens

Автор: Evgeniy V. Boev, Aigul A. Islamutdinova, Elmira K. Aminova

Журнал: Nanotechnologies in Construction: A Scientific Internet-Journal @nanobuild-en

Рубрика: Application of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies in construction

Статья в выпуске: 5 Vol.13, 2021 года.

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Bitumen is a mixture of hydrocarbons and hetero-organic compounds. It is one of the most popular building materials today. Due to the growing consumption of bitumen for various purposes, the requirements for its quality characteristics are increasing, which prompts a comprehensive study of the physical and mechanical properties and methods of its modification. Currently, various additives are used, from inorganic materials to organic binders, including waste chemical, petrochemical and household industries. These additives create a nanodispersed structure inside the bitumen, which provides a change in the physical and mechanical properties in the required direction. Methods and materials. The work proposes a method for obtaining a fixer for waterproofing road bitumen based on nitrogen-containing organic compounds. The goal of research is to study the effect of the additive-derivative of triethylenediaminedicyan, which leads to the formation of a nanodispersed structure of bitumen of the “sol-gel” type, the quality indicators of which will meet the requirements of the new standard GOST 33133-2014 “Viscous road oil bitumen”. The object of the study is the bitumen production unit of workshop No. 14 of Gazprom neftekhimSalavat LLC, designed to produce commercial bitumen: oil road grades CB 90/130 in accordance with GOST 22245-90, used in road, civil and industrial construction as a binder and waterproofing material. Results and discussion. In the course of the study, the nature of the interaction and the effect of the modifier on the properties of bitumen, which ensure the production of nanostructured bitumen of the “sol-gel” type, were revealed. As a result of the study, a comparative assessment of the effect of the fixer on the properties of waterproofing bitumen revealed a significant improvement in physical and mechanical properties in comparison with bitumen grade CB 90/130. Conclusion. The obtained compound based on triethylenediaminedicyancan can be used as a fixing additive to road bitumen


Bitumen, tar, asphaltenes, oils, dicyandiammonium compounds, nanodispersed systems, fixing additive, physicochemical properties

Короткий адрес: https://sciup.org/142228310

IDR: 142228310   |   DOI: 10.15828/2075-8545-2021-13-5-319-327

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