Optimization of surgical tactics of combined multiple and combined abdominal injuries in children

Автор: Turakulov Z.Sh., Kurbonov A.K., Isakov N.Z., Ergashev N.Sh.

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Injuries rank third in the world among the causes of death, and among young people in the structure of mortality - the first place. The literature data of recent years show that the share of concomitant trauma in the structure of trauma is 30-70%, and in the structure of closed concomitant trauma of the abdominal organs - within 10.2-36.4%. The combination of abdominal injuries is the most dangerous, since, mutually burdening each other, are accompanied by a large number of complications, a high mortality rate and disability. Mortality among victims with multiple concomitant trauma of the abdominal organs, according to various sources, reaches 85% and is mainly determined by the severity of anatomical injuries and the volume of blood loss.


Concomitant injury, abdominal cavity, injuries, surgical tactics

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