Basic components, presumptions and tendencies of text methodology

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This article presents itself as an attempt to group the fields of knowledge that study text according to principle of their coherence. Within this statement text is a connecting-link. The first group is formed by textual criticism and genetic criticism. The second group of fields of knowledge that study text consists of rhetoric, semiotics, poetics. The third group of sciences includes fine art, culturology and lingual culturology. Structuralism and poststructuralism belong to the fourth group. The essence of such branch of philosophy as Philosophy of the Text is expressed by the following: the link of all elements of the text is trans-level, all manifestations of the text have myphological character, dialogic text forms complex relations with reality that appears to be one of possible realities (thisis of possible worlds' semantics)


Text, textual criticism, genetic criticism, rhetoric, semiotics, poetics, structuralism, poststructuralism, philosophy of the text, fine art, culturology, lingual culturology

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