Specifics of psychological maintenance of HIV-positive convicts

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Introduction. Psychological maintenance of the work performed by the officers of correction facilities with HIV-positive convicts is important to manage negative forms of behaviour including intended spreading of HIV among other convicts, increased aggressiveness and self-aggressiveness etc. Materials and Methods. The sample of the object of the research covered five hundred and fifty respondents. The method of the research consisted of a quantitative interview: questioning of HIV-positive convicts was conducted in correction facilities of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service in Omsk region. Besides three focus-groups were carried out where the respondents’ attitude towards forms and methods of prevention of HIV and their interaction with medical staff were studied. Results and Discussion. Work with HIV-positive convicts focuses primarily on socially-psychological assistance, creation of special facilitating environment with arising conditions for personal self-identification and self-actualization of the infected with regard to potential (safe and compensatory) opportunities. The psychologist’s activity moves towards general psychological and pedagogical work (formation of adequate needs, widening of the range of interests, formation of positive Self-conception etc.). Conclusions. Psychological maintenance solves somatic problems of the HIV-positive convict considering him as an integral social subject and plays an important part in the search of vital powers for overcoming the illness consequences, striving for life and integration into the society.


Hiv-infection, hiv-infected, convict, correction facilities, psychological maintenance, convict's resocialization

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