Specifics of internal picture of disease and motivation for treatment in patients with chronic viral hepatitis C

Автор: Ogarev Valery V., Malygin Vladimir L.

Журнал: Сибирский вестник психиатрии и наркологии @svpin

Рубрика: Психосоматика

Статья в выпуске: 2 (95), 2017 года.

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The aim of the study was to investigate internal picture of the disease and motivation to be treated in patients with chronic viral hepatitis C (VHC). 130 patients with chronic hepatitis were examined. It was revealed that corporeal component of internal picture in VHC patients was reduced and did not have a significant effect on motivation to treatment. Emotional, cognitive and motivational components had a significant impact on motivation for treatment and were closely related to each other. The most important specifics were anxiety reactions, cognitive regulation of emotions, meaningfulness of life and focus on results. The significance of individual characterological properties in their influence on individual components of disease perception and motivation for treatment was revealed. Various psychological mechanisms that reduced readiness for treatment were revealed. Some of them were caused by psychological defense mechanisms and were manifested by insufficient awareness of the severity of the disease. Others were associated with non-adaptive coping strategies. This conclusion can be used to elaborate programs aimed to increase motivation for treatment in patients with VHC.


Internal picture of disease, chronic viral hepatitis c, motivation for treatment, therapeutic alliance, characterological specifics

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