The exhibition activities as a tourism driver: the problems of organizing in Moscow

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The article is devoted to the organization of exhibition events in the context of the tourist destinations development. Exhibitions act as an important mechanism for attracting guests, regardless of their topic, thereby stimulating a tourist flow to the place where they are held. At the same time, there are a number of problems that the destination faces while organizing exhibition activities. As a result of the research, the authors highlight theoretical and practical problems and offer recommendations for their solution. The content analysis of scientific literature on exhibition activities made it possible to identify promising areas of research and develop a classification model of exhibition activities in tourism. The authors analyze exhibition activity in Moscow, as well as the reveal disadvantages and advantages of the operation of the largest exhibition sites in the metropolis, including in the aspect of promotion. Further research prospects are characterized in the article.


Exhibition activities, tourism, tourism in moscow, business tourism, event tourism

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IDR: 140259941   |   DOI: 10.24412/1995-042X-2021-1-152-166

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