Problems of goal-setting based on the resources in the tasks of strategic planning of regional development

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The article analyses basic problems of the goal setting based on the resources when the declared strategic goals are to be provided by necessary resources and are expected to be principally achievable. It is shown that at the strategic goal setting it is reasonable to deal with the pyramid of goals where all the goals are divided into three levels: objectively needed goals, set goals and “exclusive” goals. This allows displaying a “hard nucleus of goals” or so called basic tree of goals at the first level that are obligatory included into the unique pyramid of goals of every region. It is shown that goal setting in the sense of finding goals for target indices have the importance only for the indicators characterizing the well being of the population. For the indices of the economic growth and the accumulation of capital the targets are to be calculated by means of the solution of an optimization problem when it is necessary to choose the parameters of the industrial sector of the economy under the conditions of a limited gross regional product and of a limited federal assistance in order to attain the desired target goals of the well being of the population...


Strategy, strategic planning, goal setting, pyramid of goals, basic tree of goals, evaluation of attainability of the strategic goals, modeling, efficiency

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IDR: 149131169   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2017.1.7

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