Issues of human resource management in hospitality industry

Автор: Gorjacheva Elena, Kostikov Natalia

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Статья в выпуске: 3 (64), 2016 года.

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The article is devoted to the practice-oriented issues in hospitality industry. The work presents new trends in modern requirements for staff in tourism and hotel industry. The authors on the basis of estimations the industry's leading experts and own practical convictions assert that the effectiveness of personnel interaction with partners and customers is a structural constructed field of activity and affects the competitiveness of businesses in general. New conceptual understanding of human resources management includes scientific administration, interconnection of social and psychological characteristics of each employee's with labor productivity and formation of staff interest in the results of operations. In this regard, it is interesting to study the influence of these factors on the work of staff in hospitality industry. This article discusses the actual needs of the work with staff in the departments of HR (human resources), and, in present conditions, the demand for the following approaches: remote employment, flexibility in competence and professionalism, continuing education, fast adaptation and the staff involvement in the company work process.


Стратегические функции сферы hr, hospitality industry, competitive staff, current requirements to personnel in the industry, strategic functions of the sphere of hr, new directions in human resource management

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IDR: 140205489   |   DOI: 10.12737/20111

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