Prevention of Extremism in Youth

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Introduction. The problem of counteracting asocial manifestations among youth, which are clearly illegal in nature, directed against the security of society and the state, tends to gain special importance. Radical views take place and are formed in the student environment. The aims of the article are to reveal the most problematic areas in informational and psychological influence of extremist character on youth and develop guidelines on how to improve prevention of extremism among student youth. Маterials and Methods. The authors employed statistics on extremism in the Russian Federation and the Omsk region in 2020, materials of preliminary checks, criminal case files, results of the surveys conducted among 593 students of Omsk educational organizations. Comparative analysis was used. Results and Discussion. It is necessary to form ideology of law-abiding behaviour and positive legal consciousness of the younger generation, create favourable conditions for functioning of all spheres of life support of student youth, provide legal knowledge on counteracting extremism (terrorism) to young people, implement planned events aimed at prevention of extremism (terrorism). Conclusions. Counteracting extremist radical views among student youth is a complex problem that requires a solution not only at the legislative and executive levels, but also in close cooperation with all institutions of civil society beginning with formation of family values and moral, influence of pre-school institutions, etc.


Extremism, counteracting extremism in student youth, terrorism, anti-extremism legislation, law-abiding behaviour

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IDR: 149135712   |   DOI: 10.24412/1999-6241-2021-3-86-352-359

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