The examples of children's reading in ancient period of Azerbaijan literature (On the base of “Khamsa” by N.Ganjavi)

Автор: Parikhanim Soltangizi (Huseynova)

Журнал: Azərbaycan dili və ədəbiyyat tədrisi @az-dili-edebiyyat

Рубрика: Uşaq ədəbiyyati

Статья в выпуске: 1 (267), 2021 года.

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In this article the examples of children's reading are researched of ancient time of Azerbaijan literature on the base of creation of N.Ganjavi. The main object of investigation is the poet's “Khamsa”. In here the stories “Yarali bir ushaghin dastani”, “Aghlin gozu ishiglanmish qelb evinin chiraghindan”, “Sultan senjer ve Kari”, “Oghlum Mahammade nasihet” (Sirler khezinesi – the Treasury of mysteries), “Behramin qoca chobanin evine yetishmesi” (Yeddi Gozel – Seven Beauties), “Gibtli Mariyanin hekayesi” (İskendername) are investigated as a children's reading. Cleverness, honesty, love to the labour and land, governmentality, the victory and etc motives have been analyzed scientifically. The role of the examples of children's reading are researched in the moral bringing-up of the adolescents and young people. It has been carried out scientifical polimics. The scientific research of the author are carried literary examples.


Poetics, “Khamsa”, cleverness, ability, science, humanism, artistical, image

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IDR: 170175813   |   DOI: 10.48445/TAIIJ.2021.10.76.011

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