Results of studies of the processes of clearing of gaseous contaminants and ventilating the atmosphere of habitable pressurized modules in a space station

Автор: Elchin Anatoly Petrovich, Guzenberg Arkady Samuilovich, Romanov Sergey Yurievich, Zheleznyakov Aleksandr Grigorievich, Ryabkin Aleksandr Moiseevich

Журнал: Космическая техника и технологии @ktt-energia

Рубрика: Наземные комплексы, стартовое оборудование, эксплуатация летательных аппаратов

Статья в выпуске: 1 (32), 2021 года.

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The paper presents partial analytical solutions for equations describing variation in trace amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of habitable spaces within pressurized modules (PM) of a space station. The solutions may find practical application in calculations of concentrations for any contaminants, or for air flow through the purification system. It is shown that in a case where low-toxic contaminants are released into the PM atmosphere, it would be enough to cycle 3 volumes of the PM air through the purification system when the system operates without the breakthrough concentration (without the residual concentration of the contaminant at the outlet from the purification system), in order to achieve the 95% purification of the atmosphere. For highly toxic contaminants this value should be significantly increased depending on the maximum allowable concentration of the substance (4-7 volumes and more - up to 99.9% purification). The paper also considers variation in the concentration of the contaminant in the atmosphere during intermixing of atmospheres between PMs using intermodular ventilation. As a result, new analytical solutions were obtained for practical calculations which make it possible to determine gaseous contaminant concentration at any point in time and the time of the final equalization of the contaminant concentration in the space station atmosphere. It was determined that the time needed for complete mixing of gaseous contaminants through intermodular ventilation between two PMs does not depend on the initial concentrations of the contaminants (and only depends on the PM volumes and the intermodular ventilation flow rate).


Space station, pressurized module atmosphere, carbon dioxide, atmosphere purification, variation in concentration, air flow, atmosphere mixing

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IDR: 143177948   |   DOI: 10.33950/spacetech-2308-7625-2021-1-98-107

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