Social activity of economic entities in the modern conditions: Ukrainian experience

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In the article on the example of contemporary Ukraine the indicators characterizing a degree of the social involvement of economic actors are generalized. It is proved that in the conditions of coexistence of different forms of ownership in formation of the human capital the important role belongs to employers who provide aspects of the social involvement or prevent social exclusion. The author points to the existence of threats of national security in connection with the distribution of a negatively directed social exclusion. Thus, because of the phenomenon of social exclusion Ukraine loses confidence in development, and also possibility of creation of a civil society. Most of the population is under the threat of risk of rejection from cultural, political life, social infrastructure, economic resources. Due to this reason in Ukraine small and medium sized business remaines undeveloped. External migration is a consequence of social exclusion in Ukraine. The emphasis in the article is placed on the emergence of a mass marginalization of a considerable part of the population that, in turn, involves inevitable death of democracy...


Ukraine, economic crisis, national economy, reforms, risks, values, state regulation, economic growth, social involvement, social exclusion, social capital, human capital, reproduction, quality of life

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