Social and political foundations of liability in the hospitality industry

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The article deals with the social and political foundations of the study of social liability in the hospitality industry of the Russian Federation. It is well known that social liability has a profound, comprehensive, multi-channel effect on the functioning of not only society, but also the tourism activity. Should be understood that socially responsible activity in the hospitality industry should pursue not only economic goals, that is making a profit, but also take into account the human and social aspects of the impact of its activities on employees, consumers. It should make a positive contribution to the solution of social problems in its field, and also contribute to the development of social liability. Thus, social liability as a social phenomenon, its manifestation and realization in the hospitality industry is multifaceted and multidimensional, and should represent a system, integrity. Social and political foundations of social liability in terms of the Russian Federation are an element of this system, its operation conditions. Analysis of the Russian socio-political circumstances as objective foundations of social responsibility of Russian citizens in the hospitality industry allows us to give a generalized description of social life and highlight its main features. They include: spiritualized sovereign statehood of society, the centuries-old clan customs, the natural gravitation toward the help each other, a strong commitment to principles of social justice, ancient traditions to assemble general Council for making important decisions, primordial respect of our fellow citizens to the general opinion, shared decision-making, collective intelligence, the desire for all-people unity in the face of the formidable challenges. Thus, the socio-political characteristics of the people of the Russian Federation, taking them into account in the implementation of social liability in the hospitality industry are a necessary condition of its normal functioning.


Social liability, hospitality industry, social and political foundations, social liability mechanism, sovereign statehood, centuries-old communal traditions

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IDR: 140208444   |   DOI: 10.12737/20185

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