Sociological justification of strategy of territorial development: methodological and practical aspects

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In the article methodological problems of realization of predictive potential of the Russian sociology when developing the strategy of territorial development are analyzed. Relevant justifications of the socially oriented ideas of social structure of the subject of strategic planning are given. The pragmatics of the research of social structure of the city as a scientific sociological justification of documents of strategic planning is defined. The paradigmatic analysis of the Russian sociology is carried out and the conclusion is drawn on the need of the development of research approaches within a post-positivistic paradigm. Theoretical and methodological tools of the creation of ideas of territorial social structure on the basis of the design of ideal types of activity are developed. The author carried out the comparative analysis of constructions of “activity type” and “population”. It is proved that the construction “activity type” can become an element of the technology of the strategic planning which will allow taking into consideration the factor of the variety of a vital strategy; the case showing when the problem of structuring the society of the city with a million of population is solved on the basis of the distinction of types of activity is given...


Strategy, forecast, territory, city, social structure, management, activity, socially oriented

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IDR: 149131165   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2017.1.4

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