Coherence of strategic and budget planning: experience of the Vologda region

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In the article the approaches to the creation of an optimal hierarchical system of indicators of social and economic development which were used when forming “The strategy of social and economic development of the Vologda region for the period till 2030” and other documents of strategic planning provided by the Federal law 172 “About strategic planning in the Russian Federation” are analyzed. The author paid a special attention to the questions of financial security of the realization of strategic objectives and tasks ensuring the coherence of strategic and budget planning both at the stage of formation of relevant documents, and in process of realization. The analysis included the questions of ensuring the stability of strategic plans in the conditions of frequent changes of the regional budget. A topical issue about the expediency of the correction of target indicators of regional state programs (subprogrammes) which by definition are on a joint of strategic and budget planning is separately considered...


Strategy, vologda region, indicators of social and economic development, state program, budget, budget planning, efficiency

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IDR: 149131159   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2017.1.16

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