Method of stoma formation in patients with acute intestinal obstruction

Автор: Charyshkin Aleksey Leonidovich, Keshyan Erik Ashotovich

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Рубрика: Клиническая медицина

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Surgery is the main method to treat obstructive intestinal obstruction. Stoma formation is desirable in emergency colon surgery. The aim of the study was to compare the results of the newly developed and traditional stoma formation techniques according to the number of wound purulent-inflammatory complications in the early postoperative period in patients with acute intestinal obstruction. Materials and Methods. The authors examined 62 patients with acute intestinal obstruction. The patients were divided into two groups according to the method of stoma formation. The comparison group consisted of 30 patients, who underwent traditional colostomy after obstructive resection of the sigmoid colon (rectosigmoid part of the colon). The main group included 32 patients in whom a stoma was formed using a newly developed method (patent No. 2704477). In patients of the main group, the paracolostomy space was isolated from the abdominal cavity, the preperitoneal and subgaleurotic zones of the paracolostomy space were drained. During the postoperative period local anesthetics and antibacterial drugs were administered through the drain tube. Results. Patients of the comparison group demonstrated more purulent-inflammatory complications of the median postoperative and paracolostomy wounds than those of the control group, 20.2 % (p=0.047) and 23.6 % (p=0.024), respectively. Conclusion. The proposed method of stoma formation helps to reduce wound purulent-inflammatory complications and can be used in the surgical treatment of patients with intestinal obstruction.


Colon cancer, acute intestinal obstruction, postoperative complications, new method of stoma formation

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IDR: 14121066   |   DOI: 10.34014/2227-1848-2021-1-98-104

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