Strategists about strategic planning

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The statements of 76 theoreticians and practitioners of Russian strategic planning, collected in 2017 by remote interviews during the project “20 Years of Russian Strategic Personality”, are analyzed. A selection of judgments about the usefulness and factors of strategic planning effectiveness, the combination of socio-economic and spatial planning, the importance of the communication component in planning, and personnel for strategic planning were made. The opinions on the risks of formalization and the imposition of strategic strategy from the top are systematized. On the basis of judgments of experts it is revealed: a) strategic planning is useful, but process of planning is more valuable, than its immediate result; b) socioeconomic planning has to be more closely integrated with territorial; c) as much as possible stakeholders - representatives of business, authorities and society have to participate in development; d) personnel for development of strategy need to be prepared including in the course of development of strategy...


Strategic planning, expert interview, communication planning, tendencies, territorial planning, law on strategic planning, communications of stakeholders

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IDR: 149131235   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2018.1.1

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