Strategic planning in subjects of the Russian Federation: methodological bases and methodical recommendations

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Till January 1, 2019 all regions of Russia have to draft the normative legal acts defining an order of preparation and updating of documents of strategic planning and also to start the implementation of monitoring and the control of the implementation of the relevant documents. In the article the methodological bases are offered and the methodical recommendations about the implementation of the Federal law “About Strategic Planning in the Russian Federation” (FZ-172) in the part concerning the development of the strategy of subjects of the Russian Federation and municipalities are made. The problems arising in the course of the realization of FZ-172 are analyzed; the hierarchy and the sequence, and also a summary structure of basic documents of strategic planning which have to be without doubt developed at the federal, regional and municipal levels, according to the requirements of this law is specified; general purposes and problems of the strategy of regional development till 2030 are showed; opportunities and restrictions of the spatial development of territories are proved...


Spatial development, strategic planning, national economy, regional economy, industrial production, innovations, sustainable development

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IDR: 149131164   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2017.1.3

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