Association of substance use disorders prevalence with number of suicides in Saratov district in the period 2000-2007

Автор: Serkova S.A., Bychkov Eu. N., Arsentieva L.A., Frantsuzova T.S., Borodulin V. B. Saratov V. I.

Журнал: Сибирский вестник психиатрии и наркологии @svpin

Рубрика: Клиническая наркология

Статья в выпуске: 4 (67), 2011 года.

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The problem of suicide and suicide behavior is rather current for world-wide psychiatry. According to WHO data, about 1 million suicide attempts are undertaken annually. In Russia this index runs up to 60 000. The article presents the data on prevalence of substance use disorders in Saratov District in the period 200- 2007. Tendencies of its development are provided. Association of substance use disorders prevalence with accomplished suicide attempts has been identified.

Substance use disorders, suicide

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