Tantra and the limits of female potential in the sexual response

Автор: Ümit H. Sayin

Журнал: Revista Científica Arbitrada de la Fundación MenteClara @fundacionmenteclara

Статья в выпуске: 2, Vol. 4, 2019 года.

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This article explains explains some of the novel findings on female sexuality, ESR and prolonged–expanded orgasms, in comparison with the old Tantric and Taoist philosophies. The female orgasm and the female “peak experiences” have their proper recognition in the ancient literature of India, China and the Far East. Similar to Tantric Orgasms, ESR (Expanded Sexual Response) has been defined recently as: the capaciti able to attain long lasting and/or prolonged and/or multiple and/or sustained orgasms and/or status orgasmus that lasted longer and more intense than the classical orgasm patterns defined in the western literature. The West started to understand the real nature of female orgasm in the second half of twentieth century using objective and rational scientific investigation methods. This review presents detailed descriptions of these phenomena in the context of current clinical research.


Tantra, expanded sexual response, ESR, female orgasm, status orgasmus, tantric orgasm

Короткий адрес: https://sciup.org/170163669

IDR: 170163669   |   DOI: 10.32351/rca.v4.2.104

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