Distance learning technologies in the full-time education course "Mathematics"

Автор: Khvatov Yuri Alexeevich, Rechinskiy Alexander Vitalievich, Ketov Dmitry Vladimirovich

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Information technologies allows to decrease non-productive loss of teachers' labour; it turns a teacher into a technologist of modern educational process where the key part belongs not to the lecturing activity of a teacher, but to working (studying) activity of students.The structure and characteristics of learning materials for the course of Higher Mathematics are provided in the article. The materials for the chapters studied on the first year at the Faculty of Civil Engineering were developed and placed to the Moodle platform.The main unit includes - Data from the theory according to the section; Video lectures on the most important educational elements of the section; Homework for the section; Tasks and questions for self-checking; The List of knowledge, abilities, skills which the student as a result of section studying has to possess; Samples of tasks which can be put into control and test operations on the section. Blocks one and two contain tasks for self- -checking and quality control the received skills.


Information technologies, moodle, sections of the higher mathematics studied on the 1st course, intermediate tests, final tests, characteristic function of test on analytical geometry, the analysis of success of assimilation, платформа "moodle"


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