Thermodynamics of non-isothermal diffusion at the extraction from cheese whey by lupin

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In many cases, extraction is accompanied by thermal phenomena. We have established the possibility of intensifying the process through the use of heated cheese whey. Lupine has a geometric shape (sphere, cylinder, plate) loaded into an extractor filled with cheese whey. Due to the temperature difference between the solid and the liquid, temperature gradients are observed. As the body warms up, the temperature gradient decreases and then disappears. For example, an organized step temperature mode. However, such a regime should be technologically and energetically justified. Thus, during extraction there is a periodic non-stationarity. The emergence of this period is noted in the main works. The expression for the increase in entropy per unit time is written. Given the changes in entropy, the Gibbs equation is written. The basics of equations are the second laws of thermodynamics. As a result, the results obtained as a result of thermodynamic driving forces were obtained...


Lupine, cheese whey, heat flows, mass flows, thermodynamic energy

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IDR: 140246418   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2019-3-39-42

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