Taking into account a number of climatic indicators in environmental health assessment of ambient air and in health risk forecasting

Автор: Kreymer M.A., Turbinskiy V.V.

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Рубрика: Научно-методические подходы к анализу риска

Статья в выпуске: 4 (4), 2013 года.

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The study investigated the mechanisms of climate's influence on changes in concentrations in ground-level ambient air.It was shown that to evaluate the results of social and environmental health monitoring, it is important to take into consideration factors, which influence health indicators of air quality and the behavior of ambient air constituents, i.e. solubility, changes in their physicochemical properties, chemical reactions and absorption by the biosphere.To model a health risk, one needs to know the constantly circulating air masses, meteorological and orographic conditions of balance disturbance between the constituents'entrance to and leave from the atmosphere. A risk emerges at the combination of meteo parameters leading to an exceedence of critical hazard threshold levels ofa constituent. To calculate the standards for maximum permissible emissions, it is necessary to take into account circulation indices separately for each constituentemitted into the atmosphere.


Hazardous substances in ambient air, environmental health assessment, climatic indicators, social and environmental health monitoring

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