Management of material resources in agriculture at regional level in Belarus

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The modern position of scientists and practitioners in the development of approaches (and often policies) for the development of agriculture is reduced to the need to identify individual instruments for production management and economic potential of the agro-industrial complex. Their distinctive characteristic is taking into account regional peculiarities for agricultural business. The purpose of this article is to develop focused on practice of effective management of material resources in agriculture at the regional level. The objects of the study were the regions of the Republic of Belarus and agricultural firms. The subject was the instruments of material resources management. The theoretical and methodological basis for the research was the papers of Russian scientists on program development for agriculture encouragement, management of industrial and economic agropotential, effective use and management of material resources in agriculture. The information base for the research was the data of the National Statistic Committee of the Republic of Belarus and the accounting statements of agricultural organizations. In the course of the study, it was determined that regional instruments for management of material resources should be differentiated on the basis of resource potential according to the constituents of material resources and should be based on a program-targeted approach that allows to present alternative solutions for the use of material resources, which take into account the interests of the state as a whole, region, district and determine the optimal combination of republican and regional social and economic interests (economic, food, social, and other types of security are taken into account). It is established that comprehensive programs of innovation and investment development should be developed for areas with a low level of resource potential, and for areas with medium and high levels of potential, these programs are mentioned to improve the efficiency of the use of material resources. Methodological approaches to the differentiation of districts by resource potential according to constituents of material resources are formulated. A model for program development to justify the effective use of material resources in the context of increasing the potential of agriculture is presented. The target indicators of the efficiency of material resources use taking into account the fertility of arable land are substantiated.


Region, agriculture, program, economy, material resources, production and economic potential

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IDR: 149140616   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2022.2.7

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