Risk management on macroand microlevels

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The domestic grain products complex in the conditions of the market holds special position, balance of economy, a political situation in the country, its food independence in many respects depend on efficiency of its functioning. At the same time, as showed the carried-out analysis current situation at the enterprises of a complex doesn't allow them to participate in the interindustry competition effectively. Researches confirmed that in modern conditions of globalization and the increasing competition in the world markets the option of the state regulation of development of economy is actually uncontested as for each country, and regions. In this regard the special importance is gained by studying of experience of state regulation of the enterprises of a grain products complex abroad. In article the conclusion is drawn that the mechanism of state regulation of activity of branch in foreign countries differs in a big variety of the used tools; the main directions of improvement of state regulation of activity of the enterprises of a grain products complex in a control system of risks which distinctive feature is adaptation of the available foreign experience to operating conditions of Russia in the WTO that gives the chance to increase innovative investment appeal, an organizational technological level and competitiveness of a domestic production are opened.


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