Risk management of the development of regional economic systems on the example of the north-west region

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Currently, all the processes that occur in the socio-economic system of the region are characterized by an increase in their complexity and complexity. The reason for this phenomenon is complex. The factors influencing this circumstance are equally the dynamics of the variability of the socio-economic and socio-political environment, as well as the level of its uncertainty. Therefore, the application of the methodology and tools of risk management theory is of particular relevance in relation to the development of regional economic systems. In this article, the author explores the features of risk management of economic systems at the regional level. The purpose of the work is to assess the effectiveness of risk management in the areas of development of regional economic systems on the example of the Northwestern region. Analysis of risk management practices for the development of economic systems, in particular The North-Western region, allows us to conclude that it is insufficiently developed. To a greater extent, only the description of macroeconomic risks is implemented, and the remaining stages, for example, drawing up a risk map and their assessment are not expressed. By the author It is stated that risk management at the level of regional systems is carried out in fragments. As a measure to improve the risk assessment process, it is proposed to use the risk matrix as a SWOT analysis tool. The absence of a unified risk management system within the framework of the development of regional economic systems is proved. From the point of view of determining the prospects for their development, it is extremely important not only to determine and describe the limiting external factors within the scenarios, but also to work with risks in the direction of their assessment and control. In particular, for the assessment it is advisable to use the risk matrix described in the work, which, as a tool, is versatile and can be applied to various regional economic systems.


Risk management, regional economy, economic system, strategy, regional development, SWOT analysis, risk matrix

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IDR: 140259888   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-3-251-257

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