Video materials as a persuasive strategy in tourism discourse

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Tourism promotional videos are essential elements for attraction and seduction; they are trigger elements to tourists. This solution for web marketing engages and convinces potential tourists to book a tourism product. Embedding video materials into a website provides useful information, creates different feelings in viewers, and helps them finalize their decisions. The present article discusses video solutions for health tourism websites used to allure potential tourists. It reviews the influential elements of persuasive tourism marketing videos. The article highlights how these components as persuasive strategies of tourism promotional materials can influence the decisions of tourism websites’ users. The result section provides the real examples of deployment of the mentioned technique to convince the audience of the website of the “Karpaty” resort (Ukraine). This technique is worth attention as it plays an important role in the promotion of tourism services. The data collection of this study will provide updated information in relation to the rhetoric of tourism.


Tourism discourse, tourism promotion, persuasive discourse, persuasive video, influential videos in marketing

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IDR: 140259950   |   DOI: 10.24412/1995-042X-2021-2-30-44

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