Visualization of arts and sports performances in the social and cultural space of the urban environment: pedagogical aspect

Автор: Plotnikov A.V., Plotnikova G.G., Podolskaya I.N.

Журнал: Физическая культура, спорт - наука и практика @fizicheskaya-kultura-sport

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Social and cultural changes, caused by the processes of urbanization of the urban environment, influence on the content and form of social and entertainment projects, which are the subject of professional activity of a bachelor of social and cultural sphere. To determine the features of the impact of social and cultural space of urban environment on a conception of arts and sports performances and their implementation by bachelors of social and cultural sphere in the process of studying at the university, general theoretical research methods have been used: collection and analysis of information about modern social and cultural entertainment projects; content analysis, classification, comparison and generalization, and empirical methods: projection of the director's ideas of social and cultural performances, observation, conversation, as well as special ones: artistic method of theatricalization, creative method of editing. Sports holidays and events are a complicated systemic activity, which is a complex of various sports and cultural processes, makes the leisure of athletes and participants of sports events meaningful and purposeful, expands the sphere of communication of both sports professionals and sports amateurs as a performance. Such features as historical layering, the dynamism of the development and functioning of urban residents in the social and cultural space, interaction of various social groups and subcultures become decisive for the creation of ideas for artistic and sports performances. The main means of visualization and broadcasting of images are social networks, television, cinema, photography, advertising. With their help, various forms of artistic and sports entertainment projects are created and promoted in the urban environment, conditioned by the functions (spectacular, social and psychological, ideological, cultural and educational, etc.) and the needs of the urban environment (self-identification and public recognition, self-development and the manifestation of creativity, participation in a socially important matters, the development of individual abilities, etc.). Modern technologies in the implementation of art and sports projects are: 1) multifunctionality and internationality of the director's production team, 2) visualization requirements for electronic media (television and the Internet), 3) modern technology dynamic projection scenography and artistic background, 4) increase of the semantic role of the hero in drama of the composition of the concept through visual (projection) technologies.


Visualization, urbanization and culture, arts and sports performances, preparation of a bachelor of social and cultural sphere, festive culture

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