Influence of critical reading and writing technologies on the formation of cultural values in the student community

Автор: Yuliya V. Vetoshkina

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Рубрика: Культура и цивилизация

Статья в выпуске: 1 т.14, 2020 года.

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This article analyzes the impact of new educational technology on student culture. We interviewed ten people. The respondents were students of different areas of study at the faculty of philosophy and sociology of Perm State National Research University. Using the method of in-depth interview of S. Kvale, the attitudes of the life world are revealed: the system of values, motives of behavior, norms that were influenced by the training course “Thinking and Writing”. The basis of this course is teaching critical reading and writing practices. As a result of the study, we came to the conclusion that a new community is being formed at the university, the main values of which are: the formation of critical thinking, reflection, the development of critical reading and writing technologies, and building new social ties. These values manifest themselves in certain behaviors. Reflection is found in the practice of keeping diary entries, mastering the technology of critical reading and writing in the ability to extrapolate this knowledge to work with other texts. Communication between participants during the training course leads to the formation of a community with a supportive environment.


Writing practices, technologies of critical reading and writing, student community, life world, cultural values, norms, rules, critical thinking, reflection

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IDR: 140249730   |   DOI: 10.24411/2413-693X-2020-10107

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