The educative component in activity of vocational educational institution

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Innovacionnoe razvitie professional'nogo obrazovanija For the one and a half year Pervomajskij college of building materials industry innovers the instrumental procuring of socialization of students, creating a system of evaluation, formation and measurement of socialconnect (development of social competencies). Orders from the message of the Russian President Vladimir Putin («12.12.12») to create a new, modern educational component are performed by the introduction of technology «Spiritual buckles». This technology is based on the theory of assessment of educational facilities created by author. It is, repeatedly tested in the form of instrumental support and backed by long-term positive statistics and data expert evaluation. New educational component provided by three methods.


Socialization, education, content of socialization, content of education, socialconnect (social competence), education (educational competence), reciprocity, social (educational) competences, technology, technique, gender

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