Interrelation of perfectionism and relationships of growing age athletes with inner social circle

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The research presents the results of studying the relationship between indicators of growing age athletes’ perfectionism and their preferred type of relations and significant persons from the inner social circle. The sample included adolescents involved in sports (N=100), aged 13 to 16 years. The teenagers were asked to answer the questions related to the studying methods of the social and psychological ties of the student N. B. Kuzmina and multivariance scale of perfectionism and then the statistical processing of the data using Student’s t-test and correlation analysis of Pearson has been conducted. For the teenagers the significant persons are both ones in the family and out-offamily environment. For the boys, the importance of the family environment is significantly higher than the significance of out-of-family friendly environment. For the girls their peers are significantly more important. The high level of perfectionism has been revealed. The significant differences in genders in the parameters of self-oriented perfectionism, socially prescribed perfectionism and the integral level of perfectionism which were significantly higher among athletes have been determined...


Adolescence, perfectionism, interpersonal relationships, type of relationship, social environment

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