Faculty of Philology of ADPU in the 20s

Автор: Yaqub Babayev

Журнал: Azərbaycan dili və ədəbiyyat tədrisi @az-dili-edebiyyat

Рубрика: Azərbaycan universitetləri

Статья в выпуске: 1 (267), 2021 года.

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The article talks about the life of the Faculty of Philology of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University in the 1920s and its development. It is noted that ASPU is the second secular national higher education institution in Azerbaijan. It is also the first national higher pedagogical institution with a secular orientation. The educational institution was established in 1921 and has achieved great success for 100 years. The article highlights the difficulties encountered in the establishment of Philology, one of the first faculties of ASPU. The work done to overcome these difficulties is explained. Information is given about the teacher and student contingent of the faculty. Also, the work done at the faculty in the pedagogical, scientific and pedagogical direction, sociocultural events are discussed. It is noted that the life of the faculty in the 20s, the work done during this period played a fundamental role in its further development.


Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, faculty of Philology, 20s, school, education, history of education, pedagogical thought

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