An overview on applications of guar gum in food systems to modify structural properties

Автор: Popova Biljana B., Hristova Vesna K., Ahmad M. ayaz, Shariati M. ali

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Polysaccharides define as complex polymers composed of units interlinked with glycosidic bonds originated naturally. Polysaccharides are categorizing in several groups and among them, Gums are those with critical roles in food systems. Guar Gum is imparting softness, emulsification, stabilizing via its addition to formulas. This Gum is a fast soluble in cold water and can be active in a wide range of pH. The aim of this overview is giving an initial concept about guar gum and then convey to an introduction of its applications in food industries.

Gallactomannan, natural polysaccharide, guar gum, rheology, food structure, polysaccharide

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IDR: 140229715   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2017-1-134-137

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