Auto-oscillations of wires of high-voltage power lines (anchor span)

Автор: Djamanbayev M. A., Karataeva J. E., Dzhumabekova Z. A.

Журнал: Вестник Алматинского технологического университета @vestnik-atu

Рубрика: Техника и технологии

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Dangerous rapprochement or whipping of wires in flight can be caused by dancing the wires. There fore, the distance between the wires and cables should be selected taking into account the expected intensities of the dancing wires. The purpose of this article is to determine the possible intense dancing of the split phase wires based on the self-oscillatory regime of the icy wires of the split phase at the anchor span. Investigations of the self-oscillating process were carried out by the Van Der Pol method. The research results can be used in the design of high-voltage power lines, studies of the phenomena of dancing and in the development of measures to protect lines from dancing wires.


Power line, wire dance, self-oscillations, equation of motion, degree of freedom, wind speed, dance intensity, stability

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IDR: 140250883

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