Cattle Sarcocystis spp. infection prevention and control

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Cattle Sarcocystis spp. are protozoa. They often parasitise tissues of Cattle. Few of these species are zoonoses. Therefore, they are foodborne parasites associated with consumption of raw or insufficiently thermally treated sarcocystic beef meat. Swallowing oocysts from environmental objects primarily contaminated water, garden crops, grazing on contamited pasture, etc. can cause Cattle sarcocystosis. Sarcocystis spp specific to Cattle include S.hominis, S.heydorni, S.cruzi, S.hirsuta, S.rommeli &S.bovifelis. Among them, S.hominis and S.heydorni are zoonotic and pathogenic agents. Human Intestinal/ Muscular Sarcocystosis is a disease that caused by eating raw or poorly cooked Cattle meat infected by Sarcocystis zoonoses (S.hominis&S.heydorni). Intestinal Sarcocystosis was reported almost from all corners of the world. This has been well documented but no powerful Preventive and control methods available to public yet. With the world growing population, researchers should provide or suggest practical solution to supply safe food to the consumers. During our research work we tried to compare the effectiveness of all available documented Cattle sarcocystis spp. Testing methods to recommend the best one to the public for screening health from infected Cattle before slaughter in the slaughter house. Though culture and society play a fundamental role in foodborne control, we also came up with additional control safety measures recommendations all along the beef meat supply chain.


Beef meat parasites, cattle sarcocystosis, foodborne parasites, human intestinal sarcocystosis, pcr test

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