Comparative analysis of an thropometric data of Kazakhstan women adults depending from the age factor

Автор: Baskimbayeva T.A., Kiyebayeva S.K., Nurbay S.K.

Журнал: Вестник Алматинского технологического университета @vestnik-atu

Рубрика: Техника и технологии

Статья в выпуске: 5 (101), 2013 года.

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This research is the initial step for establishing size characteristics of Kazakhstan women adults. The purpose of the study is to compare and analyze body measurement data between Kazakhstan and old ‘soviet’ size typology. The results of this research are helpful for the clothing manufacturer of Kazakhstan.The sample subjects used in this study were obtained from more than 1500 Kazakhstan females. Sixty one measurements were chosen.The conclusion of this research was as follow: First, girth and width measurements of Kazakhstan females were significantly smaller than dimensions of the old ‘soviet’ size typology 1986 year. Second, according to the comparison analysis of Kazakhstan females by age groups, all measurements had significant differences among the age groups. Third, with age significantly increases except head girth, all girth and width. Fourth, with age height measurements is decreased.


Size typology, sewing wares, anthropometric measuring, woman figures, constructing of clothing, age-related factor

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IDR: 140205016

Список литературы Comparative analysis of an thropometric data of Kazakhstan women adults depending from the age factor

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