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Elections and political advertising in Georgia

Elections and political advertising in Georgia

Irine Tsintsadze

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As in any field, PR has an important place in politics. In the pre-election period, advertising, election programs and campaigns are of great importance in political life, as the main function of political PR is perceived to be the process of communication. This article is also based on analysis of such important issues as elections and political advertising in Georgia. Political advertisement is one of the crucial elements of the election campaign. These are traditional TV commercials, posters, sheets. Experts explain such advertisements as "a market competition tool, the main objectives of which are: to provide the essence of political platform of certain political forces in an accessible, emotional, laconic, original and easy-to-remember form;” It should be noted that political advertising can be both paid and free. Each of them has its positive and negative sides. Political advertising is directly derived from Article 28 of the Constitution of Georgia, which determines one of the principles - the right to vote.