Personal and business qualities of law enforcement officers applying for chief police positions with different forecast of successful activity

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Introduction. The research is relevant as it is connected with the necessary selection of applicants for chief police positions from the staff. In selection in addition to the limiting approach resource-focused approach is required, which provides for establishing further areas of psychological maintenance of the applicant's transformation. Materials and Methods. The research required the methods recommended by the Public Service and Personnel Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and designed to examine the applicants for chief positions: Californian psychological questionnaire; professional psychological questionnaire (Petrov V. E.), short (selection) test; Sh. Richi and P. Martin “Motivation Profile” method; method of diagnosing interpersonal relations; D. Rotter “Locus control” method modified by Ksenofontova E. G. The automated processing was performed via the «PsychoTest» software and apparatus software psychodiagnostical complex “Multipsychometer”. Results and Discussion. The author revealed the objective presence of similar qualities among the applicants for chief positions with different prospects of success at the stage of initial examination such as intellectual productivity, motivational focus on interesting and useful activity, self-improvement, achieving the result. According to the multi-factor methods some identity of graphs was discovered that proves the similarity of characteristics and simultaneous distinctions in the degree of their intensiveness. The officers' authority in the team revealed during the selection is suggested for consideration as the goal in further work. Conclusions. The applicants for chief positions regardless of their management potential level diagnosed by the psychologist at the stage of appointing for the position possess alongside the distinctions a significant number of similarities. The mentioned circumstances ensure psychological maintenance focusing the psychologist's activity on the discovered qualities of the officers and their transformation increasing the effectiveness of such an officer. Establishing the features of similarity of psychological qualities of the chief officers who have different management potential according to the automated assessment of psychological methods will make it possible to organize psychological maintenance of the positive transformation of the chief officer's psychological resource.


Psychological selection, methods of diagnostics, differences, similarities, applicant for the position, chief officer, transformation, psychological maintenance

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IDR: 149125067   |   DOI: 10.24411/1999-6241-2020-12003

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