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Содержание выпуска 2 Vol.12, 2020 Nanotechnologies in Construction: A Scientific Internet-Journal

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The study of the properties of nanomaterials

Kiyamov I.K., Vachitova R.I., Saracheva D.A., Sidina D.V., Sabitov L.S. Study of the properties of nanomaterials 65

Review of nanotechnological inventions

Ivanov L.A., Kapustin I.A., Borisova O.N., Pisarenko Zh.V. Nanotechnologies: a review of inventions and utility models. Part II 71

Manufacturing technology for building materials and products

Massalimov I.A., Massalimov B.I., Akhmetshin B.S., Urakaev F.K., Burkitbaev M.M. Conversion of limestone-limestone mining waste by impregnation with polysulfide solutions 77

International scientific and technical cooperation

Application of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials

Levin Y.A., Nikitin A.A., Konotopov M.V., Ivanov L.A. The potential of nanotechnology: issues of heat supply and heating of buildings 89

Development of new polymer materials

Mazitova A.K., Vikhareva I.N., Maskova A.R., Gareeva N.B., Shaikhullin I.R. Study of the effect of additives on biodegradation of PVC materials 94

The results of the specialists’ and scientists’ researches

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