Peculiarities of Psychological Maladjustment of Cadets when Studying at a Law Institute

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Introduction. The article presents the results of the study of maladaptive behavioral and emotional reactions of cadets in the process of studying at a law institute. The aim was to identify the features of psychological maladjustment of cadets in terms of maladaptive behavioural reactions, maladaptive emotional reactions. Materials and Methods. A standardized Buss-Durkey psychological questionnaire was used. The survey covered 120 first-year cadets and 120 second-year cadets. Quantitative data analysis was performed through mathematical statistics methods (descriptive statistics, Student’s t-test). Results and Discussion. The indicators of maladjustment of cadets in the course of training at a law institute are determined, which include, on the one hand, maladaptive behavioural reactions (physical aggression, indirect aggression, negativism, verbal aggression), on the other hand − maladaptive emotional reactions (irritation, suspicion, resentment, guilt). The results of the study showed that the high level of manifestation in both first- and second-year cadets is typical for such emotional and behavioural maladaptive reactions as verbal aggression, negativism and irritation. The cadets of both groups have the least intense manifestations of such emotional reactions as guilt and suspicion. In the process of studying at a law institute by the second year of training, there is a significant decrease in physical aggression as a manifestation of behavioral maladjustment. Conclusions. The fact of reduced psychological adaptation of cadets of a law institute at the initial stage of training in the manifestation of physical aggression, a high level of verbal aggression, negativism and irritation were confirmed. The experience of maladaptive behavioural and emotional reactions in cadets has a negative impact on the nature of their educational activities and interpersonal relationships, which requires the introduction of a program of psychological and pedagogical support for the adaptation process of cadets in the educational process at a law institute


Cadets, psychological adaptation, maladjustment, maladaptive behavioural reactions, maladaptive emotional reactions

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IDR: 149138490   |   DOI: 10.24412/1999-6241-2021-4-87-375-380

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