Monitoring the presence of residues of lasalocid in feed samples HPLC-MS/MS

Автор: Rosa E. gavilN., Carolina neboT., Alejandra iglesiaS., Beatriz vazqueZ., Jose M. mirandA., Carlos M. francO., Alberto cepedA.

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Coccidiostats are veterinary medicine licensed to prevent and treat coccidiosis and histomoniasis. Due to the unavoidable carryover of these substances during the fabrication the European Commission decided to set up maxim level of coccidiostats in non-target feeds (Regulation 574/2011), including lasalocid. In this work an easy and cheap HPLC-MS/MS method for the analysis of lasalocid in medicated and contaminated feed is presented. The method only required 5 ml of acetonitrile and the detection is achieved for concentration between 60 and 1500 μg/Kg. The method full fills the criteria of the European Decision 2002/657/EC for the detection of lasalocid.


Feeds, lasalocid, hplc-ms/ms method

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IDR: 140205011

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