2 Vol.13, 2021 - Nanotechnologies in Construction: A Scientific Internet-Journal

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Содержание выпуска 2 Vol.13, 2021 Nanotechnologies in Construction: A Scientific Internet-Journal

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Application of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies in construction

The study of the properties of nanomaterials

Kuligin S.V., Kosyakov A.V., Belov P.V., Lapenko A.A., Ishkov A.D. Water purification from oil and petrol products by means of nano-porous super-hydrophilic materials 63

Development of new polymer materials

Mazitova A.K., Aminova G.K.,Buylova E.A., Zaripov I.I., Vikhareva I.N. Biodegradable polymer materials and modifying additives: state of the art. Part III 73

Review of nanotechnological inventions

International scientific and technical cooperation

Problems of using nanomaterials and nanotechnology in construction

Manufacturing technology for building materials and products

Ayzenshtadt A.M., Drozdyuk T.A., Danilov V.E., Frolova M.A., Garamov G.A. Surface activity of concrete waste powders 108
Ivanova O.V., Khalikov R.M., Salov A.S., Nizamutdinov M.Kh., Zinnatullin V.V. Technological equipment management for 3D additive printing of building nanocomposites 117

The results of the specialists’ and scientists’ researches

Borisova O.N., Doronkina I.G., Feoktistova V.M. Resource-saving nanotechnologies in waste water treatment 124

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